Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Positive Change Tuesday - Show Me Campaign

Recognizing that there are many famous performers, actors and actresses out there who have foundations that support a lot of great causes, I'd like to highlighted one of my favorite music artists tonight on Positive Tuesday. I'm a avid supporter of anything educational and tonight's highlighted artist has my total support!

Grammy Award-winning John Legend created the Show Me campaign, that "fights for education reform in the United States.  In Africa, to provide clean water, health care, education and other basic tools that break the cycle of poverty."  His website states fact that more than 13 million children live in poverty right here in the United States!  On top of that...more than one billion live in extreme poverty globally. Mr. Legends theory is that those children who grow up in poverty, likely stay in poverty.  By providing good, quality education, it gives them the tool that they need to break the cycle.  1/3 of our American children don't even graduate from high school.  These numbers are astounding!

Mr. Legend has led his campaign across the country and in Africa.  In doing so, he wrote the song Show Me, that asks simple questions about why there is so much suffering in the world.  The song was written to let people know what they can do about it and to encourage all of us to get involved on some level. 

To find out more about the Show Me Campaign and what John Legend is doing, please visit his website , take a look around and consider becoming a supporter. All the children of the world are depending on us to help make this positive change!

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