Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Favorite Things Thursday - I was 5 for just an hour!!

I had an entirely different post for tonight all thought out, until I got home and spent some time downstairs on the floor...doing what of all things?..........COLORING!!   Yes, there is a story to follow. 

I'm an HR manager for a food manufacturing company here in town.  This year they decided to be creative with the Christmas cards for our business customers.  Part of the Vision and Mission of our company is all about nourishing family's and the community with our great food products. Our products are all about Gathering family's together at the dinner time for a homestyle meal.  So how fitting for them to ask our families to gather around at Christmas with the kids and have some fun coloring Christmas cards!  The kids get to sign their names in the card along with their ages.   I thought the idea was very neat and original for a son on the other hand had too much homework!  

So, for the past hour and a half, I've been decorating 5 Christmas cards by hand.  I sat in front of the Christmas tree with the lights on and watched "Christmas with Dennis the Menace"...can you say THERAPY??  I'm going to say - THAT was the most relaxing hour I've had in weeks.  Not a worry or care in the world, except what crayon to use next!   

So my favorite things tonight are Crayons by Crayola!    I did all the work and my son will get all the credit.   Take a look at a few of "his" finished products:

So, if you need a few minutes to clear your head and do something relaxing, visit, print out a sheet and color something beautiful!

Unveiling in childhood,


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh dear lord....COLORING!!!!!!

You're my hero right now xD I absolutely LOVE to color-I swear it IS the best therapy any person can have, not just kids!

I really love the idea you came up with for your company Christmas cards-It's very family oriented :)

Dee said...

Thanks Kayla, I have to admit I did have fun!! I think all adults should be kids once in a while!

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