Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Reflections - Nature and Life

This weekend, I visited an area around town that I've never gone before. I've heard of it, many a times, just never ventured down. Sunday while out with my son and his friend, we went down to a place called Pony Pasture. It's an area near the James River that locals frequent for swims, fishing, tubing, lunches and just to hang out.

While walking around the rocks near the river, these roots from a very old tree caught my attention.  While snapping the photo it reminded me of relationships.  Not just of romantic nature, but family, friends and such.

When I look at this photo, I reflect upon all that holds relationships together. there is a root system of sort that is very common.  That root system consists of trust and communication.  The inter twining of the roots remind me of our differences and different roads we sometimes take, however, it never seems to break that bind that ties us together. The length of the roots remind me of all the relationships I've developed over the years,  those that have come and gone and those that still remain.  Being so near the water, I'm sure these roots are nourished by the river, the same as our relationships are nourished over the years, through the love and support we show one another through good times and bad. 

I have a very small circle of close friends and I'm reminded of them and my family when I look at this photo. I consider them to be part of the root system of my life.  Always there when I need them and even times when I don't realize I need them.  Holding me up when I'm down, and feeding my soul at just the right time.  The roots that seem to have weaved in from other trees, reminds me of those who've come into my life for a season. While they may not be around long, they've left a lasting impression in their passing.

Maybe the next time you are out and about walking amongst nature, you'll find something that catches your eye, and when you do, don't just walk away, take a picture and reflect upon what life's meaning it may have that relates to you.



Debra said...

I just stumbled accross your great blog and really beautiful jewelry website. I will be coming back to visit.

Dee said...

Debra, Thanks for stopping by and for the wonderful compliments!

Rena Klingenberg said...

Dee, what an inspiring thought. I love it when, in a quiet moment, my mind makes a profound connection between two things that seemed unrelated just a moment before. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk!

Dee said...

Hi Rena,
Thanks for dropping by

anne carle said...

Dee, your blog is looking beautiful. Enjoyed reading this today.

Dee said...

Thanks Anne, unfortunately I haven't been able to keep up with it much lately, hoping things change soon with school getting out..thanks for stopping by!

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