Monday, February 15, 2010

Soup Scraps as Promised...

Well it wouldn't be nice if I broke a promise, would it? Last Wednesday I said I was going to make something out of those black bead caps that Lori sent me for the Bead Soup Party.

I could have easily just placed a bead in them and been done with it, but they just weren't speaking to me that way. Although I did do just that with one set, but for the other, thought I'd jazz things up just a little bit.
The simple black cap, just kept looking at me before, but wasn't speaking to me until last night when I sat down to finish what I started. By adding a fancy silver cap to the top and a few
Freshwater pearls I think I accomplished turning something blah into something with a bling. Let me know what YOU think!Thanks to everyone who stopped by last week for the party. I enjoyed visiting all of your blogs and seeing what other beautiful designs were're a talented crafty bunch out there.
And, thanks again to Lori for hosting such a wonderful event!

Unveiling Dee,


TheEclecticElement said...

How very creative Dee!!
Both of those earrings are so pretty :)

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