Monday, September 28, 2009

Well Done Little Piggy...well done

One of my favorite movies is "Babe" . It's an Australian movie about a talking pig who wants to be a sheep Dog. During one of the scenes, Babe successfully completes a competition farmer Hoggett has entered him into, to which the farmer, a man of little words, replies "well done pig, well done".

Well, I'm not exactly calling any of us pigs of course, but I would like to give a shout out to the ladies who participated in the Expo this weekend to say..."Well done ladies...well done!"

Thanks to everyone who stopped by this weekend and extra thanks to all who participated. This was a first event and it will definitely not be the last. I received positive email and comments about the event all wanting to know about the next one. I met some lovely women, did some great networking and have bookmarked quite a few shops I'll be visiting over the holiday's. There was so many diverse businesses out there and all good sources.

Now I'll say there were a few learning curves, as there always is with anything new, but I'm compiling my take away's from the event and the next Business Womens Expo will be even bigger and better!! If you didn't get a chance to stop by the Expo this weekend, you can still visit the list of Vendors over at Girls Night out.



Christy said...

That's one of my fave movies too! Babe is soo adorable!

The Beading Gem said...

It was a fun event where I got to meet new artisans AND won a prize too!

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