Sunday, August 30, 2009

When I'm Not Making Jewelry...

When I'm not making jewelry, I'm soccer mom, PTA mom, Scout mom, chauffeur mom, and now I'm Football mom! My son, who is very athletic decided this season, he wanted to try football. He's played Spring and Fall soccer for five years, and wanted to give football a try this fall.
If any of you have children who play football, you know it's a demanding sport, not only on the child, but the parents. He started practice at the beginning of August and has practiced 6 days a week 2 hours a night! I'm lucky that I have an honest child who has told me he doesn't want me to take him practice, because I don't know football and his dad is able to help give him tips when he goes to get his water. Well, who am I to argue with that? I refuse to look a gift horse in the mouth and argue, so I only have to go two nights. I'm so glad I raised him to be honest, LOL.
So, this weekend he had two scrimmage games on Saturday and it was hot beyond hot! Anyone out there who knows me, know that I am not a fan of summer, so other than going to support my son and root for his team, you could not have paid me to be there for any other reason. The other thing you must know is that if I'm outside and it's hot, I'm looking for shade and Saturday was no different.

I was under the bleachers for the first game with my beloved Nikon5400

..and I was not landscape mode and digital zoom these shots were taken at least 60 feet away...with action

was starting to wonder if it was football or butt ball, where did the butt spots come from?...

...first game over, time to rest with ice pops
...maybe not, lets stretch and do jumping jacks

...40 minutes #2

...farewell my child and good luck, I'll see you at home

I didn't feel too bad about leaving, I bought the entire team ice pops after their first game, since they couldn't eat, that's what I keep telling myself to make me feel good! LOL Good thing my son understands me, he was just happy to see me there at all in 90 degree weather!

Leave me a comment and tell me about your experience with children and sports.



Cori G. said...

Hi Dee,

90 degree weather and outside! That just makes me thankful I have two dogs who enjoy being indoors with me...LOL! I hope you didn't melt out there. Wouldn't it be nice if high schools had indoor football fields?

I hope it's cooling off where you're at. We had 96 degrees and high humidity, yuk!

xoxo Cori

Trish said...

Oh, Dee have I had experiences with sports and my oldest. She has played about every sport except football. She was my energizer bunny! She played soccer for years. I was there...every game(I was younger then)Soccer in Texas? Games in the 100 degree heat? Didn't make sense to me. But, my daughter loved it. I was/am so proud of her. Thank God she never had trouble with the heat. Never red faced etc.. Some weren't so lucky.
I was afraid some were going to have heat strokes. That was fun. Now, my other baby(6) she's more a ballet type. That's fine with me. Great pics! I think I have a's a great camera...I lost the charger? :(

Dee said...

oh gosh Trish, I can't even imagine myself living in Texas!!

Dee said...

Cori, today was a beautiful day here. If I had to guess it was probably between 70-75, such a nice break from the heat we've been having!

Christine Anderson said...

WOW Dee - my son has been asking to play football for a couple of years now. I was able to put him off for one more year. Not looking forward to that at all! I don't think my son would want me to be there either...have to call on Uncle Jim for that one!

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