Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy Bee Unveiling

Well, I was a little busy this weekend, but managed to get a few designs completed that I will be posting in my shop this week. I used the following picture in my bedroom as color inspiration for all of the pieces. I refer to it as "A Mother's Love for her Son". My son has been away at camp for 8 days now and is due back on Friday, I guess you could say I'm missing him.
Enjoy the eye candy for this week.
Fruit Cocktail




You can find more of my jewelry designs at Runako Designs or Etsy.



Angelina Fong Designs said...

Dee, loving the new designs and the bright colors! Awww... those earrings have my name! I'm still impressed you were able to get all this done considering how busy you were this weekend! Great job!

Dee said...

Thanks Angelina! I'm impressed myself, would have loved to have completed more, but I'm happy with results.

Maria Paray said...

LOVE, love, love the wire work on the earrings - Unexpected! All the new designs are lovely:-)

Great painting to draw inspiration from. Yes we do miss them when they go away, don't we? But I'm sure he's having the time of his life!

Pretty Things said...

I love them all, but Unexpected and Cleopatra are my favorites!

Dee said...

Thanks Maria and Lori!

Kim said...

Lovely Dee :) Fruit Cocktail and Angelina are my fave's, but they're all purty lol!

Dee said...

Thanks Kim

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