Thursday, June 11, 2009

Runako Designs - Positive Change through Kiva

Those who follow my blog, already know that I am a HUGE fan of For those new to the blog, please take a minute to view my archive of Positive Changes in the World, to see what great things Runako Designs is doing in support of such a wonderful organization.

A month or so ago, I mentioned that was Kiva trying to start a micro loan program in the United States...well they DID IT!! Kiva has launched in the United States! You can now visit and help an entrepreneur right in your own backyard. As of 10:11 pm tonight, there were 64 loans still in the fundraising status. New York and California are the pilot states at this current time. What exciting news!!

And if that doesn't excite you, how about this great news? First Lady Maria Shriver and the Women's Conference (We Invest) have partnered with Kiva to bring micro lending to the US, in their continued efforts to empower women to become financially independent, To find out more about Maria's Kiva Team, and how you can support, visit the Women's conference Website.

Watch First Lady Maria Shriver, talk about Kiva:

Feeling inspired to learn more? Visit the links below for two more recent videos from ABC News and Good Morning America!

Good Morning America
ABC News

Want to wear your support and show everyone you're a lender? Purchase one of my Exclusively Designed Giving Necklaces, where 25% of the proceeds go back to Kiva to fund a micro loan. Runako Designs has funded 5 loans so far, and I couldn't be prouder.

How can you help?

I'm calling upon all of my followers, fans and visitors to help me spread the word about Kiva, and their new US program, by talking about Kiva and linking back to this specific post:

1. If posting on Twitter, tweet the post and RT to me at runakodesigns

2. If posting to Facebook, stumbled upon or a blog or other social network, leave me a comment when you do and tell me where you linked, with the link.

If you have linked through at least two mediums, with Twitter, Facebook, a blog, or any other social network, you're name will be entered for each link in a drawing for a FREE Giving Necklace!...25% proceeds donated by me! For every day you post or tweet, you'll get an extra entry.

If you are only able to make one link, your names will be entered into a separate drawing for a special pair of earrings, I'll make up especially for this. I'll be drawing next Thursday, so lets Rock and Roll!!

It's a good day when together we can change lives.



Maria said...

Thanks for the info, Dee. I've been checking every so often about this, since both you and my son mentioned a USA version.

Kiva is a wonderful organization and I think it's great that you are so involved with it :-)

Vicki Bensinger said...

This is all very exciting Dee. Great work you're doing in promoting such a wonderful cause.

Runako Designs by Dee said...

HI Vicki and Maria, I can't tell you when I've been as excited about an organization, they are doing great things!

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