Monday, June 22, 2009

A Reason and A Season

I had to think really hard tonight about what to write, seems like I've been on a hiatus with the treasure hunt going on and my mind was blanking out. I'd like to dedicate this post to friends a far, but ever so near. You know how we often hear that things happen for a reason and a season? Well, I'm convinced that 6 women came into my life in June of 2007 for a reason, and thank goodness our season isn't over yet, because we've only just begun to shine. Bare with me as I share with you a special part of my life.

The Reason
Two years ago today, June 22, 2007 I met 5 lovely women online, the 6th to come later. We were all involved in a business venture, running our businesses miles apart. We started a yahoo group to read a book called Build It Big, because we were on a mission to build our businesses and nothing was going to stop us. Unfortunately something did stop us from building that business, short of going in debt with inventory, feeling unappreciated, an unfocused home office business strategy and lack of sales, we soon begin to loose the enthusiasm for what had once fueled us all so deeply.

By this time however, our friendships had already blossomed. By now we were not just a group of women networking on line, we were a family, support group, shoulders to cry on, ears to vent to, and sisters to bounce ideas off of. We never told each other what we wanted to hear, but we gave the truth even if it meant starting all over. We shared openly our ideas and resources. We celebrated birthday's anniversaries, graduations, deaths, vacations, milestones and sales. We allowed one another to vent, but not for long, because negativity will drag you down and we were all about lifting one another up. I say all of this in past tense; however, we are still communicating daily and with each passing day, our friendships continue to grow stronger. This friendship you see, this bond, this tight relationship that I tell you about, is something I've never experienced with people I've never met. I've never met these women in person; however, they each have had the pleasure of doing so at a conference that I was unable to attend, but that has never affected the deep connection between us and the positive influence they've had on my life.

The Season
We could have easily given up, gone our separate ways last Spring, but remember, we were Diva's on a mission and if anything, the shortcomings of our little venture, only fueled our energy to do something bigger and better. There was a reason we met in 2007, and there was a reason we were all with the same company, and it was to place us in this season that we are now in. A season where we are all thriving and enjoying our new businesses or ventures in life and most of all we are happy, happy with where we are and each doing very very well. I'd like to introduce you to these ladies today who are special in my life...I call them my Diva's in Business.

1. Me - Of course you know me, I delve headfirst into my jewelry business. Relaunched under new name, opened online shop and loving life right now.

2. Maria LaMalfa - Maria lives in New York. Maria is in the midst of launching her new Jewelry business, Maria Paray Jewelry Designs, soon to be up and online. She's currently playing around with some awesome jewelry designs, and silver clay, but I won't give away any of her secrets. You can follow Maria on her blog, where she documenting the launch of her new business. Please visit Maria and leave her a message and make sure you bookmark her, so you'll know when she launches.

3. Loretta Carstenson - Loretta lives in California. Loretta is the calm one in the group, always keeping us on solid ground. Loretta has found her calling in knitting some awesome purses and just this past weekend, started playing around with Polymer clay. You can see Loretta's Designs on her blog at Designs by Loretta . Currently Loretta's only making bags for her family and friends, but as soon as she stops traveling all over the place, we're trying convince her to open an Etsy shop. Loretta is also a consultant for Dove Chocolates. Please visit Loretta and take a look at her beautiful purses and her new love for clay. Check out her Chocolate website as well...the chocolate is wonderful!

4. Davina James - Davina lives in Arizona. Davina also has not one, but two businesses! She's a consultant with Stella Dot Jewelry and Dove at Home Chocolates. She's doing GREAT! She's already a manager and life is sweet as chocolate in blazing Arizona! You can follow Davina on her blog at Chocolate and Jewels. Please visit Davina and leave her some love, try her Chocolate Martini's they are "sweet"..pun intended!

5. Robin Raible - Robin lives in New Jersey and she's a consultant for Pampered Chef now. She was the first to jump ship, unfortunately we didn't follow. Just to give you an idea of what type of business minds I'm talking about here, Robin had the unfortunate incident of losing her home in a fire last year, luckily no one was hurt. The Diva in Robin said.." sell pampered chef, stock your kitchen for free!"...and that's exactly what she's doing!! Her business is doing great and she's happy with life, new home on the way and nothing is stopping her now! Visit Robin at her website, if you love Pampered Chef like I do, bookmark her and help her get her kitchen stocked with your next purchase.

6. Vicki Bensinger - aaaahh Vicki, in Missouri. Vicki has a cooking background and she took to that and started her own at home cooking classes business, "At Home with Vicki Bensinger" Vicki's business has been doing GREAT!! She's been featured in her local Crate and Barrel and on Great Day St. Louis, a local tv show. Visit Vicki on her blog and follow her great recipes and cooking advice weekly.

7. Karen Palmer - Karen is in Massachusetts. Karen is a consultant with the Traveling Vineyard. She's very passionate about her wine and her business. Visit Karen and check out her online website, as the title says Traveling Vineyard, so you can get it shipped straight to your front door!

So, now you know where I get a lot of my inspiration, tenacity, excitement and encouragement from. All I can say is I hope that this season never ends because the Diva's in business have a lot more shining to do!

Unveiling and Supporting,


Maria said...

Aw shucks - thanks Dee :-) I keep forgetting we have never actually met! You ladies all feel like the sisters I never had.

Vicki Bensinger said...

Reading your post Dee made my eyes tear up. I don't know what I would do without our group. It is truely amazing how women can find one another in such a vast world and connect the way we all have. With the help of each other we have found the courage to move forward and create our own successes. You are an amazing individual that's doing wonderful things for others. I'm proud to call you my friend.

Crystal from KIZZ said...

What a coincidence, eh, Dee? 8) I know exactly what you are saying....I have met some real awesome people and think we will always be in touch...maybe never see each other in person..but still doesn't mean that they nean any less... Thanx for sharing your friends.... I will take some time to visit thier sites!

Crytal from KIZZ

Angelina Fong Designs said...

What a truly touching post. You ladies are all so inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Thanks Angelina and Crystal, they are the best!! I still amazes me with all the other great people I'm connecting with online, comforts me to know that there are still good people around, and the network I'm building online, including you two prove it :)

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Maria and Vicki, all I have to say is (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))

Robin R. - Pampered Chef Consultant said...

Wow Dee! You put into words what I think we all feel. All I can say is Thank you. Thank you (and the rest of the group) for all your support, love, and inspiration.

Kim said...

You are such a doll :) I'm glad you have such a wonderful group of women to support you - even if you are a one-woman dynamo :)

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Thanks Kim, Love ya Robin!

dragonflydreamer said...

Thanks for the beautiful post to remind me of the many wonderful people whom I've never met that visit my blogs and have helped lift me up especially since my oldest son became so ill and had to leave college and come home. Each day is a struggle and some days I am so broken hearted that I feel that I cannot put one foot in front of the other and take another step, but I have two sons who need me so I will crawl on my belly like a snake if I have to in order to help them and be there for them. The thing is that I know I must wake up every day and seek out ways to be stronger and find peace with my life as it is before I can make it better. Having a supportive group of friends makes the journey so much richer. Kudos to you and your awesome group of friends.

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