Monday, June 15, 2009

Memories Never Forgotten...

I've had the pleasure recently of reconnecting with so many old friends from High School, all the way back to grade school. I am so thankful to Facebook for giving me and so many others the opportunity to reconnect and remember what seemed lost only 6 months ago.

My elementary school, as some refer, was actually a grade school, as it went from kindergarten through 8th grade. Prior to me attending it was actually a High School. I just found that little tid bit out recently as well. This Sunday, I had lunch with several classmates as well as several other former students who attended at that time. The amazing thing was that everyone looked the same, and we all remembered something different and special about St. Patrick's.

We remembered the nuns we liked and didn't like, the homemade lunches we ALL loved, the lopsided playground; which Valerie swear caused her the loss of several teeth, the spring Festivals, Field Day, the great storm that had us bussed to several venues around town because of lack of heat, the rulers...oh the rulers to the hand, walking home from school, playing dodge ball and kick ball, Mrs. Crawford and Ms. Muehlberger, Ms. Crisp who later became Mrs. Stellars, Michelle who loved to kick with her black and white bucks and so many other things we laughed and shared in 3 hours. We left brunch with the task of planning a reunion for next March. I simply can't wait!

St. Patrick's is still standing now in Richmond, Virginia, however the building is no longer operational as a grade school. It was turned into Condominiums several years ago. If only the residents of the building knew the things that went on in those halls. I leave you with the remaining memories of my former grade school as it is today.

Unveiling past memories,


Angelina Fong Designs said...

Facebook sure is great for connecting old friends from back in the day, isn't it? That's so crazy your elementary school was turned into condos, but wow! Those condos look amazing!

Pretty Things said...

Facebook connected me to old roommates, among others. I just love it!

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