Friday, June 19, 2009

And then there was....

First I started blogging, then I joined facebook, then my jewelry site opened, then twitter and now I have an Etsy Shop! Etsy is one of the fastest growing online handmade selling communities on the web. They've been featured on Good Morning America, Oprah and any place else you can think of. I recently took the plunge and opened up my own the web is a very large place I can't be in too many places at one time out here. So if you're already a fan of Etsy, browse my shop, if you aren't it's a must visit if you really enjoy purchasing handmade. Here's a little sniplet of my shop so far and a special gift for my followers! (hint still have less than two more hours..shhhh)

Unveiling a New,
P.S. You can fine more of my jewelry designs at Runako Designs

1 comment: said...

lovely works you have

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