Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Do You Remember Most?.....

As a special tribute to Mother's Day, I'd like to invite all of my visitors to join me in remembering something special about mothers or Mothers Day. Just jump right in, I'll even start:

I remember last year, I was sleeping in for Mother's Day and my son, 10 then, woke me up and served me breakfast. He had gone downstairs cooked up an omelet, believe it or not, with everything in it but the kitchen sink! It was the most special morning for me because he thought to do it all by himself.

As for a special memory between me and my mom, every day is special. I talk to my mom at least once a day, sometimes 2, 3 and 4 times! I still call her for everything! While we think we are all grown up with kids and family, we're still like kids when it comes to needing moms advice, love and encouragement.

Thanks mom for just being you and for loving me unconditionally faults and all!

Leave me a comment and tell me your most memorable Mother's Day or a special moment with your mom. If you have a blog, link to this post and invite your readers to leave a comment as well. I'd love to be able to post a huge Mother's Day list of all the comments left next week! I can't wait to hear from everyone.



Maria said...

My most memorable Mother's Day was my first one - as it was the same day my first child was born! She was already 8 days late, much to my chagrin, but I guess she was waiting until Mother's Day to make her grand entrance to the world.

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Thanks for sharing Maria, how special that your daughter was born on Mother's Day...must have been an awesome celebration!!

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