Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BeadCircle Announcement

As you know, I am a supporter of Beads for Life, that makes me a part of their BeadCircle, which I am proud to be recognized as. I received an email today from their organization announcing the following:

"Tomorrow (May 6) BeadforLife will be covered by the Today Show - the highest-rated morning news and talk show in America over the last decade. The show will feature the extraordinary work of BeadforLife, our poverty eradication organization working in Uganda. Over five million viewers will see how BeadforLife has created a network of women in Uganda and throughout North America and beyond to work together to eradicate extreme poverty.

If you are already a part of the BeadCircle I hope that you will take pride in Beadforlife's work by watching the show. If you're interested in one of these Kaledescope bracelets where 50% of the proceeds will go back to the BeadforLife project, please contact me directly, I only have a couple more remaining.




kMT graphic design said...

That necklace you have pictured here is one of my favorites so far! It's gorgeous! How awesome would that look with a cute bikini and a tropical wrap!

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Th colors are definitely wonderful summer colors. I've sold quite a few of these as bracelets.

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