Friday, April 17, 2009

Cluttercasting - Cookie Press Give-A-Way

We're back for the second Cluttercast give away at Runako Designs an original idea by Darryle Pollack over at Cluttercast. As some of you know, I'm just not a baker. It's just not something I enjoy doing..from scratch that is. Give me a box, a quick easy recipe and we're good, but flour and yeast and kneading and rolling and handmade icing is just not my thing. However I DO, bake cookies and candy with my son EVERY christmas... the easiest way possible, yet he still appreciates me.

Pampered Chef Cookie Press - $priceless

Having very good intentions when I purchased today's give-a-way FIVE years ago, I never used it! I have every Pampered Chef gadget you could imagine, yet this is one that I've never used and never will, because I'm cluttercasting it away tonight! Yes, I could sell it, I'm sure, and get a few good pennies, but that would mean it would probably sit in my closet another year, so out with the unused and in with a new book I won tonight over at Monkey's Momma, you'll never guess what it's titled...............Mrs. Meyers Clean isn't that a hoot!

Okay, so if you think you'd like this fabulous Pampered Chef cookie press, never used, brand new, 9 attachments, subscribe as a follower, leave a comment and tell me why you should win it or if you know someone else who might like these, please pass this post along. I'll choose a winner Monday night, April 20th and post to the board. Only catch, is you have to send a photo of you and your new gadget, and you cover the actual cost of shipping.

Let the Cluttercatchers begin!


ashley said...

I would love to get my hands on this as a gift for my mother....She is an avid baker, and the arthritis in her hands has made it nearly impossible for her to bake much of anything...This would allow her some freedom to bake again.

Maria said...

Yes, then Ashley's mom should get it! I have RA, so I have total sympathy. Some days it's tough to twist the cap off a tube of toothpaste - let alone make cookies!

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