Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do You Remember Your Senior Prom?

I remember my first prom...WOW! Me and my date wore white and my sister made us a candle light dinner for two at her house...shrimp cocktails, steak and potatoes, iced tea and KIDS!! the next year was better...yep, I attended two proms and this time we skipped the kids and opted for Red Lobsters!

Do you remember your Senior Prom? Do you remember the color dress you wore or shoes? How about your date and what you did after the prom? Okay, some of you can probably keep that to yourself... but the extraordinary memories of this teen, event of a lifetime is one you'll cherish forever and probably smiling about now. Unfortunately, there are some young ladies who will never have these same memories for financial reasons and that is what this post is about today...there are some teens who are in need of our help, so please share this post with others.

(the photo above of "Glass Slipper Shoes" is courtesy of

I visited my favorite local bead store on Tuesday because I had an emergency special order to complete by Wednesday ...gotta love those husbands right? Fandangle Bead Store, located in Richmond Virgina is partnering with the Jr. Women's League and a local radio station in a "Cinderella Dreams Project", which ensures that no young woman is denied her chance of attending her prom. In support of the womens league, Fandangles is asking for donations of extra beads, or beaded jewelry looking for a good home. They are asking you to "put those baubles to good use by donating them to their project!

As in the tale of Cinderella, time is of the essence! They only have two more weeks to collect donations, that may include pieces you have either made, or pieces you no longer wear. They will take it all!! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings..if it sparkles they'll take it! If it needs a new life, they'll take care of that too!

If you live in Richmond, just drop your donations by Fandangle Bead Store before March 18th. If you're outside the state or local area, you can mail your donations to:

Melanie Bently Shockley
Fandangle Bead Store
3028 Stony Point Road
Richmond, Virginia 23235

Also, visit the website to find out more about this "Glass Slipper Project"

I know all you beaders and designers out there have hearts as big as mine, so send in some pretty baubles and help a young lady unveil herself on prom night! When your done with that, leave me a comment and tell me what you remember most about YOUR senior Prom!

(visit Fandangles Bead Store online and see what classes are coming up for the Spring)

Thanks for your support,

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