Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Took the Pledge...will you? Part III and a Give-A-Way

If you've been keeping up since Wednesday, in Part I and Part II of this series, I've already given you several great reasons for buying handmade products made by independent Artists. This is the last of this series of why YOU should buy handmade... I hope I'm getting to your heart like that great sales lady in Part I. After reading this post, enter for your chance to win a FREE pair of handcrafted earrings featured in Part II. Just leave a comment and tell me why you buy handmade. Join as a follower or sign up for email updates and you're name will be entered twice. Drawing will be held, Wednesday, March 4.

#4. Buying handmade, supports your community
I volunteer for Junior Achievement, and one of my favorite classes to teach is Our Community for second graders. One of the lessons, teaches the kids how money moves through the community, and what happens when we don't support our local businesses. When you buy handmade products from local artists, you are supporting a small business in your community, who probably purchases and support other businesses and organizations in the community. It's like one of my readers posted yesterday, "its like buying American made". Right now would be a great time to support small businesses and Artisans to help stimulate the economy. (photo courtesy of Junior Achievement, sign up to volunteer today)

#5. Handmade products are environmentally friendly
Remember what I posted about no big production facilities and no huge machines? Well, that equates to environmentally friendly. If you're passionate about saving our environment and eliminating the factors that contribute to Global Warming...purchasing handmade is your small contribution to fixing the problem. (photo courtesy of Beads for Life)

#6. Handmade products make wonderful gifts
Who wouldn't appreciate and love a handcrafted item that you picked out just for them, especially when you tell them the "story" behind the gift? Many artisans even offer customization if you ask. How many times have you searched the mall over for that perfect gift and either never found it and just settled for anything you thought they'd like? With customized handcrafted gifts you can have them made especially for that person, and they can typically be designed around your budget. Imagine giving a new mother a Sterling Silver Mothers Bracelet with the name and birthstone colors of her new born child! How about giving your child's favorite teachers a bracelet for Teacher Appreciation week with her favorite colors and a charm of her most favorite thing...that's personalization and the recipient will always be thankful for your gift. (photo of bracelets made for my sons favorite teachers, favorite colors and favorite things...children and frogs)

Well, I hope I've been able to inspire you to at least consider handmade products as an alternative when gift giving or when purchasing something for yourself. is just one great shopping site for all things handmade. They feature just about anything you can think of to include art. And don't forget my very own boutique. If you can't find something online, contact me about costimizing something for you or someone else.



Maria said...

What a great series of articles, Dee! I always prefer to buy handmade, but never really thought of the reasons why before. For me it's that handmade is always so much more beautiful than a "Made in China" factory churned out piece.

Maybe it's the love that goes into handmade that makes the difference :-)

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Thanks Maria,

we go through life so busily, we often times really don't think about why we do particular things, but when we really take the time to stop and makes it that much more special.

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